Welcome, dear friend...

This website is not about temporary pleasures or moods, but to bravely see how we create our own unhappiness.

My name is Holger Hubbs, I spent decades feeling lost in my mental confetti.

Thanks to the Garden Of Friends, Magdi Badawy and many others I embrace the opportunity to connect with you.

Not as a subject-matter expert, not to sell you anything, but as a truth lover, as an impersonal friend, who spent decades being unaware of my misconceptions and faulty thinking.

Truth is simple, the seeker is complex.

We can spend lifetimes talking "about" truth, reading books, watching videos, doing programs, but it is my experience that it takes living human interactions to demystify the me-chanism of suffering, to see how we create and defend the me-bubble.

Not a "therapy", no "fixing", but simply learning how to ask the right freedom questions and to know what to "do" with the answers.

When is enough enough?

Pride and misconceptions seem to be the greatest stumbling blocks for spiritual awakening.

Happiness is our true nature, but a deep unaware belief veils our effortless being.

No practice, no super-powers, but our birth-right to live a peaceful humble life on this amazing planet.


"It takes a universe to make a sandwich"

Together certain things are not only easier...

I welcome opportunities to collaborate in sustainable ways;  not for temporary personal gain, not as a pain-killer, but to

Could it be that our seeming current human mess is only due to a simple misunderstanding regarding what we assume ourself to be?

It is easy to have ideas:
BasicWisdoms.com  (simple words)

It is easy to get lost:

Thinking allowed, thinking aloud

Feel free to email me, in case anything here resonates; it doesn't need to make sense.


PS: Let me know if you are interested in stress-free productivity or your own website.

Tuesday afternoon at Garland Park in Mid-Valley, California.
The background sound is from the Carmel River, Jun 14, 2011.

The root of all psychological suffering is a misunderstanding of who we really are.

(Prendergast, Fenner & Krystal, 2003).