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Thinking is not the problem

Thinking can be hell, but it can also point to the solution.

Happiness cannot come to you, it is your true nature, but smeared over by suffering.

Thinking is just a tool, but when we don't know what we are we get lost in sinking.

Happiness is not fun

Part of the stress, the pressure, the suffering is a collective confusion; we belief that happiness is out there, in circumstances.

We can get away with faulty thinking for decades, because most of us seem to be hypnotized the same way, which makes it "normal".

Where attention goes the energy flows

There is nothing to preach here, nothing to sell you.

Being alive, having a human body is an amazing gift, but at times it can seem very challenging.

Pleasure and pain dance together

In this world everything changes, comes and goes.

What do I really want? What is available?

Pleasure feels better than pain, but we need to embrace both in order to see the confusion we entertain as ourselves.

Blah Blah?

It's good to talk; not to fix the person we believe ourself to be, but to allow some inner space, some curiosity, some playfulness; you could call it impersonal love.

To hear yourself, to feel yourself, to not run away from what seems so real.

Truth is simple, the seeker is complex

You have already all it takes to live a peaceful, fulfilled life.

But... "I don't think so, I don't feel like it" is a gift inviting us to learn to ask freedom questions.

Freedom questions

We easily go down a rabbit hole and seemingly waste more time...

I am grateful for the gift of  friendship and human inter-change at the

Nothing to pretend, nothing to get, but to dis-cover what I thought and felt was lost in myself.

Thank you Ethan!
Text from above photo:
This is your life. Do what you love and do it often. Stop over-analysing and try to see things with a beginner's mind. 
Open yourself to all emotions, ideas, opportunities. Some come only once, so seize them. 
We are united in our differences, and love, peace and gratitude are the keys to an harmonious and complete life. 
Sweep away the debris of anger, fear, envy each day with the broom of compassion – for others as well as for yourself.
Life is short and happiness is a precious jewel; don't squander this gift of the Universe.
And when you drink water, remember that you are mostly water; that it is alive to our hopes and dreams.